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our kittens are very obedient; intelligent, sociable, affectionate and playful, very sweet, tender and accommodating, they are very attached and very devoted kittens to their master who likes to show his affection every day, they get along well with children and other animals, it is are kinda cats dogs that you can walk on a leash, you can learn from the tower and wait for your return behind the door, they must have a permanent presence, whether human or animal.


Annonces gratuites proches de l'objet à vendre CHATON SERVAL

poneys shetland
vend deux poneys petite taille non debourés , pucés et vaccinés mâle : couleur B ( entier ) 1...
piranha - black rombheu
bonjour, je vend mes 3 black rombheu, environs 20 cm, pour plus d'infos ou photos n'hesitez pas...
superbes shiba inu fauves, non lof
4 superbes shiba inu fauves, pur race, non lof, de parents de qualité. Ils sont éveillés et...
femelle epagneul nain papillon
femelle epagneul nain continental papillon de 8 mois cherche maitre,vaccinee ;pucee ;lof non...
Yorkshire LOF
Superbes Chiots Yorkshires Mâles LOF nés le 21 octobre 2011 d'une portée de 4. Gentleman...

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